Let cyberspace become fertile ground for the people

Issuing time:2019-01-21 00:00

At this time a year ago, at the symposium on cybersecurity and informatization work, General Secretary Xi Jinping clearly stated that it is necessary to promote the development of China's online telecommunications industry and let the Internet better benefit the people; build a good network of ecology, and play a network to guide public opinion and reflect The role of public opinion; make breakthroughs in core technology as soon as possible; correctly handle the relationship between security and development; enhance the sense of mission and responsibility of Internet companies, and jointly promote the sustainable and healthy development of the Internet; gather talents from the world to provide powerful talents for the development of the network support. Today, Xiao Zhi invited Professor Qin An, the director of the China Cyberspace Strategy Institute, to talk to us about the “big things and small feelings” in cyberspace governance, and to revisit the classic discourses of General Secretary Xi’s on “cyberspace governance”.

Cyberspace governance "five views"

Last year, General Secretary Xi’s "May 19th Speech" was a milestone in the directional preparation and programmatic documents made in the construction of China's network powerhouses and in order to accelerate the construction of a network powerhouse. Its clear goals, heavy historical sorrows, and strong mission responsibilities constitute a network governance concept; clear public opinion orientation, inclusive democratic ideas, and a network of spiritual homes embody the concept of network governance; core technological breakthroughs, cutting-edge talent absorption,Synchronized security development expresses the concept of network development; the whole is not separated, dynamic and not static, open and not closed, relatively unbiased, common and not isolated constitutes a network security concept; open self-reliance and expansion of overseas space, The welcome attitude of legal tolerance implies the concept of network responsibility.

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