China's first personal intelligence plan came out, establishing a "three-step" goal

Issuing time:2019-01-21 00:00

The State Council recently issued China's former personal intelligence planning - "New Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Plan." This landmark plan has strategically deployed the development of artificial intelligence, established a "three-step" goal, and strives to build China into the world's leading artificial intelligence innovation center by 2030.

"Three-step" is: By 2020, the overall technology and application of artificial intelligence is synchronized with the world's advanced level. The artificial intelligence industry has become a new important economic growth point in China. Technology application has become a new way to improve people's livelihood; by 2025, artificial intelligence The basic theory has achieved a major breakthrough, and some technologies and applications have reached the world's leading level. The artificial intelligence industry has become the main driving force for China's industrial upgrading and economic transformation. By 2030, the theory, technology and application of artificial intelligence have reached the world's leading level, and China has become the world. The main artificial intelligence innovation center.

To become the world's major artificial intelligence innovation center means that China's artificial intelligence industry competitiveness has reached the international leading level, and the intelligent economy and intelligent society have achieved remarkable results, laying an important foundation for being among the forefront of innovative countries and economic powers.

"A new generation of artificial intelligence is accelerating penetration into industries such as manufacturing to boost the new economy and accelerate the acceleration of intelligence," said Wan Gang, minister of science and technology.

Artificial intelligence, the concept that has been in existence for more than 60 years, is profoundly changing human life under the impetus of the Internet and big data. As a core driving force for a new round of technological revolution and industrial transformation, a new generation of artificial intelligence will change the world.

Li Bohu, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said that the era of "Internet + artificial intelligence + big data" is coming, and "smart cloud manufacturing" is the landing and expansion of cloud computing in the manufacturing field. It is the implementation of "Made in China 2025" and "Internet + Manufacturing". An intelligent manufacturing model and means of action planning.

Experts and artificial intelligence industry generally believe that the development of artificial intelligence is entering a new stage, showing the characteristics of deep learning, cross-border integration, human-machine coordination, group openness and intelligent operation. Like all disruptive technologies, a new generation of artificial intelligence is highly uncertain, so it requires a coordinated planning and scientific guidance.

Over the years, the National Science and Technology Program has continued to support the development of artificial intelligence-related technologies and has made important progress. It should be noted that there is still a gap between the overall development level of artificial intelligence in China and the world's leading countries. For example, the lack of major original results, the gap between basic theory, core algorithms and key equipment, high-end chips, major products and systems, basic materials, components, software and interfaces; scientific research institutions and enterprises have not yet formed an international influence The ecosystem and the industrial chain lack the advanced research and development layout of the system; the cutting-edge talents are far from meeting the demand.

Planning requirements to accelerate the integration of artificial intelligence and economic, social and national defense as the main line, to enhance the innovation direction of a new generation of artificial intelligence technology, to build an open collaborative artificial intelligence technology innovation system, to grasp the artificial intelligence technology attributes and social attributes The characteristics of integration, adhere to the "three-in-one" advancement of artificial intelligence research and development, product application and industrial cultivation, and comprehensively support science and technology, economy, social development and national security.

In view of weak links, the plan emphasizes that on the one hand, it will build an open and collaborative artificial intelligence technology innovation system, strengthen deployment from frontier basic theories, key common technologies, innovation platforms, and high-end talent teams; on the other hand, cultivate high-end and efficient intelligent economy. Develop artificial intelligence emerging industries, promote industrial intelligent upgrading, and create artificial intelligence innovation highlands.

Artificial intelligence technology is also a "double-edged sword" that may bring problems such as changing the employment structure, impacting laws and social ethics, infringing on personal privacy, and challenging international relations standards. Experts suggest that risk reduction should be reduced to ensure the safe, reliable and controllable development of artificial intelligence.

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