China encourages PPP to build a small distribution system

Issuing time:2019-01-21 00:00

Microgrid construction will benefit from favorable policy support. On July 24, the National Development and Reform Commission and the National Energy Administration jointly issued the “Trial Measures for Promoting the Construction of Grid-Connected Microgrids” (hereinafter referred to as the “Trial Measures”), encouraging local governments to provide supporting policies for the development of microgrids, thus gradually establishing concentration and Distributed collaborative energy production and consumption systems. In order to improve construction efficiency, the “Trial Measures” specifically proposes to encourage local governments to carry out microgrid project construction and operation through PPP mode. In the industry view, the current pressure on China's power grid is increasing, and the micro-grid is conducive to improving the efficient application of distributed power sources and achieving reliable supply of multi-line energy.

The so-called microgrid is a small distribution power system that is different from the main  grid .

The "Trial Procedures" clarify that the microgrid power supply consists of distributed power sources and power loads, and can adapt to the rapid development of new energy, distributed power sources and electric vehicles to meet diversified access and individualized needs. Some experts further said that the internal power of the microgrid comes from distributed energy such as natural gas, photovoltaic and wind power. Large-scale wind farms and photovoltaic power plants will be built in places with abundant wind and light resources such as the northwest. When users access small power supplies such as wind turbines and photovoltaics, they can make the power consumption close, eliminating the loss of transmission in the power grid and improving the loss. Energy efficiency.

Some analysts pointed out that with the increasing peak-to-valley difference of  power supply, China's power grid pressure is increasing day by day, and the use of solar power by new energy power plants has further aggravated the peak-to-valley difference  between supply and demand. The solution at this stage is to develop and improve the grassroots power grid. That is, the micro-energy network or the microgrid solves the problem of electric energy and other intertransformation through the combination of consumption and production, and also solves the problem of new energy.

This "Trial Measures" pointed out that the microggrid power supply should be based on local renewable energy power generation, or the power generation type with the goal of comprehensive utilization of natural gas multiconnection and other energy sources,and encourage the adoption of new clean technologies such as fuel cells. Among them, the installed capacity of renewable energy accounts for more than 50%, or the comprehensive energy utilization efficiency of natural gas multiconnected syetems is above 70%. The microgrid source-network-load integrated operation has a unified  operating entity. The Trial Measures encourage local governments and social capital cooperation (PPP) to carry out the construction and operation of microgrid projects in the form of franchising. In addition, grid companies can also participate in the construction and renovation (expansion) of microgrids, investment operations and independent accounting, and must not be included in the permitted costs.

"In the process of microgrid construction, assembling sensors, distributed energy, and energy storage equipment require a lot of money. If PPP mode can attract private capital to enter, it will effectively improve construction efficiency," Han Xiaoping, chief information officer of China Energy Network, told Beijing. Business reporter, China's existing

microgeid projects have basically completed the complementary functions,but there is a slight lack of demand-side interaction. "One of the core characteristics of the micro-grid is to achieve near-power consumption,but according to China's current transmission and distribution. Mode, all power needs to be distributed to the users through the grid company, which pushes up the price of electricity and reduces the efficiency of electricity consumption,

which is a key part of reform."

Kong Tao, director of the New Energy and Renewable Energy New Energy Division of the National Energy Administration, pointed out that the more difficult part of the microgrid work planning in the future is to explore the microgrid trading model, that is, to explore the distributed new energy micro in combination with the requirements of the power system. The power grid, the microgrid into a market entity with  independent power sales, can supply power to all users within the micro-grid, with the new energy micro-grid as the carrier as an independent power sales, direct PV supply or interaction with nearby new energy projects.

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