After the 3D printer, another "artifact" began to work hard to create!

Issuing time:2019-01-21 00:00

At present, the digital production model has a huge impact on the development of the manufacturing industry, and is changing the way goods are manufactured and the pattern of employment. In the era of Industry 4.0, we have ushered in a mighty digital revolution.

We know that 3D printing is one of the protagonists of this industrial revolution, allowing everyone to become a product manufacturer and designer to participate in reshaping the manufacturing landscape.

Nearly related media broke out. Following the 3D printer, another new product began to participate in the reshaping of the manufacturing pattern. Its name is “Desktop iCNC Laser Engraving CNC Machine”, which is a desktop high-precision laser engraving and CNC II. One small and medium machine tool.

The machine can meet the needs of individualized, real-time, convenient and non-standardized consumer (small and medium-sized) production of enterprises, schools, makers, families, craftsmen, etc., and can complete metal and wood products quickly, efficiently and diversifiedly. Turning milling and laser marking CNC machining of plastics, leather and other materials, it is better to carry out mass production under the premise of small space, low cost, low labor, ready to use, effortless and high precision.

According to reports, the aircraft is developed and designed by Realmax (Tap Puhai Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.), which is the first innovation in China. It uses the proprietary Zuto motion controller, has the core technology of motion control, and uses a fully transparent processing observation window. The processed items are simple, durable, safe, convenient, easy to operate, and the processing form and material are diversified.

So, what is the difference between "desktop iCNC laser engraving CNC machine" and 3D printer?

R & D personnel told reporters that in fact, the former uses subtractive processing, can process wood, plastic, metal, leather and many other materials, the original material for engraving, cutting and so on.

The 3D printer uses additive processing. At present, most of the commonly used consumer 3D printers can only process plastic materials, and dissolve the plastic into a softer material.

Compared with the latter, the "desktop iCNC laser engraving CNC integrated machine" has higher precision, diverse materials, forms and applications, and high efficiency, and the machine is more practical.

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