New retail trends: sales are kings, traffic is king, brand is king, interaction is king

Issuing time:2019-01-21 14:36

Whether you are an Internet company background or an offline store, it is necessary to make yourself an omni-channel retail format, both online and offline.

No company now ignores the existence of another dimension. Many online companies have begun to go offline, and offline companies have begun to build online sales channels.

New retail brings the characteristics of today's era:

Today's new retail trend one: sales for the king to flow is king.

Sales are important, but in today's era, holding traffic is more valuable than holding sales, so we will see that the valuation of tens of billions of sales companies is far less than the income of only a few billion but has thousands Ten thousand users of the enterprise.

This situation is obvious both online and offline. Online, the traffic of the shopping center is more valuable than the physical store company in the shopping center; on the online, Taobao, Tmall, and Jingdong, which have large traffic, are worth more than any independent retail company.

Today's new retail trend two: from the brand to the king to the interaction is king.

In the past, merchants paid more attention to the "brand" effect, which is to create a brand and use the psychology of looking up, so that consumers have an envy and desire to have it, and use the brand as a medium to sell goods. Brands are the core point of marketing. They can be girls' favorite clothes, bags, watches, or mobile phones, cameras, etc. that boys like.

Everyone still has no impression. When passing through the window of a department store, all the goods are usually placed higher than the people’s field of vision. Sometimes, the bottom light is used to illuminate the goods, setting off an atmosphere. In fact, this is the use of merchants. The window area gives people a feeling of looking up.

However, the branding at this time is one-way, which means that consumers can only accept the brand signals transmitted by the merchants.

Switching to today's Internet era, branding is still important, but more emphasis on two-way communication and communication. Like the early praise, comments, comments, sharing, and later appeared content e-commerce, online red economy, etc., that is, interactive marketing.

A few years ago, there was a website dedicated to T-shirts in the United States. Their marketing model is very responsive to the characteristics of the Internet. It is a series of standard template T-shirts on the website. Those who are interested use this as a template. Own graphic design, free to use imagination, whether it is impressionism or graffiti. . . If there is no limit, after the design is completed, it can be uploaded to the website, and users who visit this website will like it and like it. In the end, the website will praise the top 10 patterns for production every week, then sell them, and pay 20%~30% of the sales amount to the designer. Compared to the previous method, interactive marketing is obvious here.

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